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Ambition in Motion

Introducing Tau Beta Pi's newest benefit to members: a mentorship program administered through Ambition in Motion. In response to interest from both students and alumni, Tau Beta Pi is implementing a program to connect students and alumni with each other for professional guidance.

The mentors will be Tau Beta Pi alumni interested in volunteer experience while paying it forward to members seeking to gain career advice and help navigating through their professional lives. Tau Beta Pi students and alumni are both eligible to be mentees. There is a collegiate program to help prepare current students for life after college and an alumni program to help professionals in their careers.

The next program begins September 24, 2024:


Review/download guidebooks below:

Student Mentee  |  Alumni Mentee  |  Alumni Mentor

A college student speaking to a Tau Beta Pi alumni.
Vice President Marla Peterson wrote in her Council's Corner article in the Summer 2024 issue of The Bent:
"Mentoring shouldn't be just telling someone what to do; instead, it should be a growing relationship that provides guidance, collaboration, patience, and ultimately knowledge from the mentor on how to build a career. To share not only the successes but also the failures of the mentor makes the experience even more impactful. The value comes when the mentee knows there is someone rooting for them to succeed and that this relationship can continue. In fact, I have mentored some individuals for over thirty years!"

The program will:

  1. Pair Tau Beta Pi students seeking to establish their career path and direction with Tau Beta Pi alumni mentors
  2. Offer alumni the opportunity to benefit from the experience of their peers in search of transitioning careers, obtaining a graduate degree, or exploring additional professional options
  3. Provide alumni with a meaningful volunteer opportunity as a mentor
  4. Utilize a Mentor and Mentee assessment questionnaire with use of a matching algorithm to identify compatible mentee-mentor matches to facilitate pairing
  5. Offer Online workshops to help mentees and mentors prepare for the mentorship
  6. Provide administration of the mentorship program

Tau Beta Pi's assets are many, but also include the collective knowledge, wisdom, accomplishments, and talent that define our membership. Mentorship provides a special connection where life's greatest wisdom can be shared in a personal way. Providing mentorship opportunities is one of the ways our members can volunteer, serving as role models and inspiration for the next generation of engineers, as well as to peers. We hope you will participate in this new program. Please contact with any questions.