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Alumni Officers

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Requirements & Reports

View a checklist of required chapter reports and other requirements for alumni chapters.

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Chapter Activities

Explore information regarding choosing events to run, interacting with collegiate chapters, and ideas for events.

Alumni Officer Resources

    • Have questions for someone at the top? Most questions can be directed to the .
    • Review the best practices guide for Alumni Chapters. This is the analog to The Officer's Handbook, primarily intended for Collegiate Chapters.
    • TBP holds monthly Tau Bate Talks that feature Tau Bates who have used their engineering background to pursue fascinating experiences.
    • View the most recent alumni officer training presentation given March 21, 2024.
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Chapter Bylaws

Alumni chapters are autonomous provided they follow the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association. Each chapter should have its own bylaws as guidance for conducting chapter affairs. Bylaws should describe the following a chapter's purpose, membership, officer roles and elections, and general chapter operations.

Collegiate Chapter ByLaws Report :

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Creating or updating your chapter's bylaws?

To download a chapter's bylaws, select a chapter in the dropdown below. Chapters not shown do not have an electronic version of their bylaws on file at Headquarters.

Chapter Organization

General Information

Each Alumni Chapter has some requirements that must be fulfilled and then options to best suit the requirements of the region and of the chapter's goals. Included in the subpages you will see some details on some of the general subjects of chapter organization and how other Alumni Chapters have suceeded with their goals in the past. As with all things, these are the suggestions that worked for others, but they may not work for your group. Be flexible, ask questions and improve your chapters!

Officer Positions


At the bare minimum, as per Article VIII (Alumni Chapters) of the Constitution, an Alumni Chapter shall have members fill the following roles:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined into one office of Secretary-Treasurer. Your chapter may designate other roles in its bylaws, so insure you read them to learn more about positions specific to your chapter operations. These are meant to be specific to your needs, be creative and set yourself up for success!


Don't forget about the Directors! Many chapters delineate their duties in a specific bylaws section.

In brief, Directors serve with the rest of the officer board -- forming one concrete executive committee -- to orchestrate chapter affairs and to ensure the chapter is running smoothly. Here are some possible examples:

  • Director of Collegiate Interaction
  • Director of Social Events
  • Director of Professional Development

Officer Elections

For many chapters, officer elections happen every year, but for some the officer terms last for longer. During each election cycle, an Alumni Chapter should solicit candidates for the aforementioned officer positions from within its membership. Your chapter bylaws highlight relevant information on this sub-topic.

For instance, the bylaws might state something like:

"An election of officers shall be held at the election meeting in <insert month here> of each year, with the term of office from <term start> through <term end>".

  • Explicitly advertise the requisite dates (i.e. election due date, term length dates) early in the election process
  • Leverage officer transition material (if available) which your chapter has compiled over time
  • Consider rolling transitions so that officer teams can include newer officers while working alongside experienced officers

Membership Management & Recruitment

Most chapters rely on emails for chapter communication. We recommend using an email service such as Mailchimp to send out mass emails. Mailchimp has a cool feature where users can check the activity summary of subscribers, which includes statistics on the number and frequency the email have been open, the time they are read, and whether subscribers click on any links in emails. This feature can be used to assess how successful your initial reach is and how you can improve in the future to reach more audience. You can find a template for Mailchimp here (requires a Mailchimp log-in).

Also consider using regular surveys through Google Forms or other tools to understand what activities and events are well received and enhance future events. These aren't only helpful for you; they can also help future officer teams.

Some chapters have been successful identifying active members by requesting a subscription confirmation via annual communication. Other chapters send out emails to all their contacts and have an opt-out option for those who wish to unsubscribe to the chapter communication. Mailchimp can simplify this process with its automatic "unsubscribe" button.

If your chapter does not have an @tbp.org email account but would like to get one, please contact the .

Chapter Communication and Engagement

Here are some tips for communicating with your chapters' members and keeping them engaged:

  • For bigger events, we recommend contacting the to help advertise the event. An official email or letter coming from TBP HQ can be huge in bringing out current and prospective members.
  • Individually check-in with members that have stopped attending events, making sure they're okay and letting them know they're welcome.
  • Make sure you're engaging members at events! Talk to them and befriend them to keep them coming to events.
  • Use social media to make announcements and to post photos from events.

Recruitment Strategy

The first and easiest way to recruit members is to use the list of alumni in the area provided by the . This list contains contact information such as name, email, and address (which may be outdated) of Tau Bates who may have graduated and moved to your region recently. Chapters who are missing the list or need an updated version should contact the Director of Alumni Affairs. Each chapter automatically receives quarterly lists of alumni who have moved into their area or graduated in their area for that quarter.

Introduction Letter

It is recommended to send an introduction letter via email from the chapter's email account. We recommend using templates from a marketing tool like Mailchimp (free version includes up to 500 contacts and 2500 emails sent per month). If you prefer direct emailing, we recommend starting and using a chapter Gmail account. The introduction letter does not have to be super formal but should contain chapter visions and goals this year, a rough plan of meeting schedules and activities offered, contact information of current officers, and links to social media that your chapter may have.

Recruitment Tips

  • Talk to officers and members to identify other Tau Bates (You can use the member lookup here.)
  • Post TBP Posters at your workplace with your chapters' contact information
  • Announce activities on social media to increase public visibility (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Get articles about your recent events published in the Bent and community publications for more outreach
  • Advertise your chapter to graduate students and graduating seniors at nearby collegiate chapters

Chapter Finances & Dues

Collecting Dues

Article VIII, Section 1 of the Constitution dictates that all Alumni Chapters pay annual dues to Headquarters by January 1. Normally, this responsibility comes within the purview of the Treasurer position.

Yet, individual membership dues are not mandatory, so it is at the discretion of the Alumni Chapter to decide how to finance the chapter. In some chapters, officers pitch in; in other circumstances, members pay small voluntary contributions (typically ~$5 to $30 per year, from historical data).

Whatever the collection method is, be clear on the exact monetary amount and due date.


Does your Alumni Chapter have a bank account? If unsure, please inquire with the Director of Alumni Affairs ( ) or before attempting to establish such an account.

Although suggestions change every year, some of the better bank accounts for non-profit groups are listed here.

Otherwise, to open a bank account, each chapter should apply for its own EIN number through the IRS. Contact the or HQ to find out if your chapter already has an EIN.

Alternatives to Traditional Banking

All of these payment methods offer a convenient way to store your chapter's money, as well as ways to track financial history.

Maintaining Nonprofit Status

The IRS-990N is a form required of all TBP chapters in order to maintain a nonprofit status with the IRS. To ensure you have the most up to date info, please see our info on the collegiate IRS 990-N.